Flippy the pizza bear

Flippy the pizza bear
The music playing was so epic! And I loved this show!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


The creator of HTF replied to me! (after a year of waiting... now I don't really like HTF anymore. -_____-)

but oh well. here's his exact words:

1. Nobody is ever truly dead in HTF. Plus, he was only cured for the episode. He will be back to his crazy self again next.

2. You truly are magical. As for Truffles, we saw him behind that tree also and tried to catch him. He was to fast for us and got away. Right now he just haunts our dreams. Some day soon he could become a reality. That's a fancy way of saying I don't know.

3. We usually consider it where character A and character B try to be together but it ends in a horrible disaster. Who they are is usually worked out afterwards.

4. Right now, just Colors.

Rebbecca Scarlet said:

Okay, I have finally came up with a couple of questions...

1. Since Flippy was cured at the end of Double whammy, does that mean after he died, he stayed that way? Or will he come back, killing people like usual?

2. Is Truffles ever gonna be in an episode? (cause I saw him hiding behind a tree in "See you later, elevator"... I'm magical :3)

3. Have you ever considered making a love bite where Flippy and Flaky try to be together, but ends in a horrible disaster? (Flippy flips out, or Flaky's paranoia?)

4. Are you guys working on ALL of the Sonic games, or did you only help make "Sonic colors"?
Thanks! :D

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