Flippy the pizza bear

Flippy the pizza bear
The music playing was so epic! And I loved this show!!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Sonic chat room 7

You don't know me has logged on
Silver: Man, I hate Knuckles briefs!
Can you take a hit has logged on
Knuckles: I happen to like Knuckles Briefs. Especially since they made me look like the hero and Sonic look like an idiot. Ha ha ha! It's on my list of You tube favorites!
Silver: Speak for your self! They made my singing totally unrealistic! I do not sound like that!
Knuckles: I like the part where I ground you. lol
Silver: You're almost 18 and you still say lol? That's something that Robstar would say.
Knuckles: Go hug a tree, Silver!
Silver: FINE I WILL!
You don't know me has logged off to hug a pine tree
Knuckles: Stupid kid
I-heart-sonic has logged on
Amy: Was Silver just on?
Knuckles: Yup but he logged off to hug a tree
Amy: Go Figure
Knuckles: Why would you want to talk to your BOY FRIEND at this time?
Amy: Silver is NOT my boy friend! He just has a crush on me, that's all!
Knuckles: Do you want me time name all of your boy friends? Let's see... Shadow the hedgehog, Silver, Sonic, TAILS....
Amy: Okay now you're just making up stuff!
Knuckles: Okay, so maybe not Tails but I'll think of more soon!
Amy: Why is Shadow on that list? He hates my guts?
Knuckles: If he hated your guts, then why, when you hugged him once thinking he was Sonic, didn't he hit you or any thing?
Amy: I don't know... You can't hit a girl!
Knuckles: You stopped him from world domination just by asking him because you remind him of Maria.
Amy: True enough
Knuckles: Silver because you got in the way of Sonic just as Silver was about to strike, and he stopped.
Amy: It's not my fault he decided to not kill me!!!
Shadowrulez27 has logged on
Shadow: Hi Amy. Hey Knuckles
Amy: Shadow does not like me!
Knuckles: What ever you say, Amy. What ever you say
Shadow: Umm... What are you talking about Amy?
Amy: I was just telling KNUCKLES HERE that we are just friends. Right Shadow?
Shadow: Sure. But I am always willing to save you if you want!
Knuckles: Aww!
Knuckles and Shadow: Oh yeah, don't forget Surge!
Amy: Shut up you two!
Knuckles and Shadow: Amy and Surge, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G
Amy: That's it!* Pulls out hammer
Shadow: Woah, take it easy with that hammer, Amy!
Amy chases Knuckles and Shadow with her hammer

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